Please read the instructions to the right (under the 'Instructions' title).

Important Information

You can book a maximum of two hours a day, and it’s free to use. You will need your library card number when booking a PC. For information and help call 020 7926 0750 or email libraries@lambeth.gov.uk


Welcome to Lambeth Libraries PC booking system. To logon and book a PC please enter your borrower barcode and PIN. When entering your Borrower barcode, type in all characters after the 'LM' but do not include any spaces - for example, LMP 0000005 X is entered as P0000005X. Letters should be typed in upper case. If you don't have a card number or don't remember your PIN please contact a member of staff.

Extend login expiration time

Once you are logged on you will be automatically logged off after twenty minutes of inactivity. You can extend the login time to ten times the normal time by enabling "Extend login time".

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